The Christian Academy is comprised of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School. For detailed information on each department, please click on the profile link below.   

The Christian Academy has an accredited academic program consisting of quality teachers, a challenging curriculum, and in-depth study resources. Our students learn from teachers who demand and expect the best. The National Christian School Association (NCSA) and AdvanceEd scrutinize the quality of the curriculum before issuing accreditation.

Departmental "core" academic offerings comply and exceed State of Missouri Education standards, as well as the standards of NCSA and AdvanceEd. The curriculum also includes electives that meet student needs and interests. The CA curriculum offers a three-track program: High School Diploma, College Prep Diploma, and Scholars Diploma. Qualifying students may participate in our Dual Enrollment Program with Freed-Hardeman University. Qualifying students in grades 10-12 may choose from 60+ hours of college coursework. 

 "Every subject carries its academic standards, plus a Christian worldview, collaborative and cross-subject elements"

Our Academic Coach, Mrs. Brown, works to collaborate with teachers, observe students, and update progress. She monitors each student’s learning and social/emotional development. Her presence helps to enrich our program across the board. She uses an approach that leads each child to have the tools to achieve their personal best.  Mrs. Brown brings her training and experience as a Special Education K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education teacher in the public schools. As the Special Education Liaison for CAGSL, she will be available for students with IEPs and their families. Personally, she and her husband were blessed to be able to raise 6 children through birth and adoption: She understands the dynamics of a large family with two working parents. She loves to watch children learn to love the world and their Lord.