About Christian Academy

In 1976, a group of parents in St. Louis wanted more for their children than what was being offered in public school. They wanted a school where teachers could speak openly about their faith, where students would learn the truth of the Bible on a daily basis, and where there could be a school environment infused with God. Through prayer, hard work, and more prayer, the Christian Academy was born. 

The original vision of that small group of families in 1976 was of a school where students and teachers could pray together, where students could be taught every day about the truth of the Bible, and where every subject whether it is history, science, or any other subject is taught from a Biblical perspective. They envisioned a school where students would be challenged academically, where students would push themselves to be the best athletically, and where students would learn the value of hard work. In the 45+ years since the school began, we have stayed true to that vision. 

Christian Academy now serves students from 12 months all the way through 12th grade. We at CA believe in teaching students to live a life of meaning to God, society, and self. These values form the core values of Christian Academy, and through God's help, we hope to make the world a better place with each student that walks through our doors.

Christian Academy is fully accredited through: 

Cognia/AdvancEd/North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and the National Christian School Association (NCSA)

Accreditation assures graduates that the Christian Academy academic credits are accepted at educational institutions everywhere.  These associations are recognized by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) located in Washington, D.C.

45+ years of Christian education 

Approximately 95% of our graduates continue to institutions of higher learning or military services.  On average our graduating seniors are offered scholarships that range from $5,000 - $40,000*. 

* not all scholarships are accepted

Sampling of Colleges and Universities attended by CA Graduates (This list is a sample and is not comprehensive.) 

Abilene Christian University

Lipscomb University          

Faulkner University

Freed-Hardman University

Harding University

Harris-Stowe College

Jefferson College

Lindenwood University

Missouri Baptist University

Oklahoma Christian University

Rochester College

Saint Louis University

Southeast Missouri State University

University of Missouri

University of Missouri - STL  

Washington University

Webster University

York University

The Three Dimensions - Spiritual, Academic, and Activities

In many ways, the Christian Academy is not the typical elementary/secondary educational institution. Our modern world calls for innovation and vision when approaching the needs of today's families. Although the academic classroom will forever be necessary to facilitate the scope and sequence of subject matter, a Christian school has responsibilities beyond the classroom in order to prepare our youth "to live a life of value and meaning to God, society, and self." 

The Christian Academy offers a Three-Dimensional Program of education for our students. It consists of a Spiritual Development Program, an Academic Development Program, and a Student Activity Program. Each one of these three dimensions receives equal attention in application, as explained in the following articles. Students receive instruction through varied experiences and utilize planned and proven methods to elevate them to a greater level of education - spiritually, formally, and practically.

The administration, faculty, and staff of The Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis are serious about "that which ultimately benefits the student.  Our goal is to prepare each student to live a life of value and meaning to God, society, and self." To accomplish this goal, they are committed as educators and spiritual mentors to the students and as partners with the home.

The Spiritual Dimension

The Christian Academy is a special place for those parents who take biblical instruction seriously in the raising of their children. It is a unique place for students who are interested in spiritual training. The Christian Academy is also a place for those families and students who have not pursued the Christian walk, but who respect it and see the importance of it in their lives.

One objective of the Christian Academy is to glorify Jesus Christ through the teaching of His gospel. The administrator, staff and every faculty member are a committed Christian. Fostering a healthy relationship with God is a very important part of daily life at CA.  Our classes/courses are taught from a Godly world view.  God is welcome in every aspect of our academic learning.  We believe a life should not be compartmentalized separate and apart from God's plan.

The Academic Dimension

The Christian Academy has an accredited academic program consisting of quality teachers, a challenging curriculum, and study resources. Our students learn from teachers who demand and expect the best. The National Christian School Association (NCSA) and AdvanceEd scrutinize the quality of the curriculum before issuing accreditation.

Departmental "core" academic offerings comply and exceed State of Missouri Education standards, as well as the standards of NCSA and AdvanceEd. The curriculum also includes electives that meet student needs and interests. The CA curriculum offers a three-track program: High School Diploma, College Prep Diploma, and Scholars Diploma. Qualifying students may participate in our Dual Enrollment Program with Freed-Hardeman University. Qualifying students in grades 10-12 may choose from 60+ hours of college coursework.

The Student Activities Dimension

The Student Activity Dimension at the Christian Academy is an integral part of the educational process. This dimension is the perfect complement to the classroom, not just because students learn how to become more proficient in sports, art, theater or music, but because they learn how to become productive people in an interdependent society. Valuable lessons in applied Christian ethics, morals, and values are learned in activities outside the classroom. Under the leadership of Christian mentors, students gain a personal awareness of honesty and integrity with themselves and others.

Student activities are offered to all middle and high school students. These activities include sports, choral music, theater, and service clubs. Student participation in one or more activities each school year is recommended for our students.  Thirty (30) hours of community service is the standard for each school year for students in grades 9-12 for graduation.

The Christian Academy is a member of the Metro Athletic Conference (MAC) and Missouri Christian School Athletic Association (MCSAA). The Crusaders are an affiliate of the MSHAA and compete in athletics with private and public schools across the state.