The Christian Academy Early Childhood Program was created to care for the small children of working parents.  The program is more than just a baby-sitting service.  It is a child development program.  The children learn through class time instruction and play.  The environment and curriculum have been set up to foster growth and development in all areas of the child’s potential.  The children also learn how to get along with peers their own age, i.e. exercising kindness, patience, sharing, taking turns, etc.

The Christian Academy Early Childhood Center objectives are to care for the needs of each child and, at the same time, foster the development of each child.  We will give interactive instruction and encouragement to strengthen each child mentally, physically, spiritually and socially at an age and development level suited to each child. 

The Christian Academy strives to provide quality child care for children infant thru PreK. We are open year round, Monday-Friday, 7AM-6PM.  Our fees include:  $250 per week – Tiny Turtles and Silly Sloths, $195 per week – Busy Bees in pull-ups and/or not potty-trained, and $175 per week – Busy Bees, Curious Critters and Playful Puppies potty-trained.  There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $100.  We do offer multi-child discounts.  Tuition payments are due each Monday. 

Our program is designed to be a full-time program.  Part-time availability and rates can be discussed.  Note:  Part-time spots will be contingent on availability.  If a full-time spot is needed, the current part-time family has first option to keep the spot to go full-time or give the spot up with a two-week notice.


The Early Childhood Center curriculum uses various manipulatives, creative/learning puzzles, games and toys for development, fun and reinforcement.  Children enjoy learning though hands-on activities and repetition.  All ages are introduced to and focus on:  letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, calendar activities and Bible stories. All curriculum is taught through a Godly worldview. 

Our PreK class is preparing for kindergarten.  In addition to the curriculum items listed above, they are introduced to the sounds of each letter of the alphabet and work on beginning reading skills.  They learn to count by 5 & 10.  They memorize the U.S. Presidents.  They practice writing their alphabet and numbers (1-25).  They also learn to count to 10 in Spanish.  

Referrals - Be a part of the referral program.  If you refer a family to the program, after they have been enrolled for a month, you will receive a free week of tuition!



 Classes for infants to Pre-Kindergarten

7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Structured class - STEM learning

Daily Bible class and chapel time

Lunch included

Parent Testimonials...

I've passed CA on my way to and from home every day always curious. At the time my 3-year-old daughter was at a local daycare. My husband and I felt it was time for her to be in a more structured learning environment. Since the first tour of the school to this very day, I have experienced nothing but love and kindness from the teachers, staff, and parents of CA. For the first time, my daughter loves learning and going to school! It's comforting to know she is not only learning but is being cared for by individuals that truly love her and want her to succeed. She is now 4 years old and I will never forget how this past Thanksgiving she asked to lead the family in prayer over the food! We couldn't be more proud of things she's learned since becoming a student at CA. 

The Powell Family - 2017

I just wanted to let you both know that you have a wonderful group of teachers that all seem very genuine and deeply rooted in Christ this year. They have been an absolute pleasure to interact with and the entire program feels very organized and united. Thank you for all you do for our kiddos!

Summer Camp Parent 6-8-2017

Openings in the Infant, 3 y/o, and PreK Classes

For More Information Contact the 

Main Office at 314/429-7070 

or e-mail the office at info@cagsl.net

We would enjoy having you become part of the Christian Academy.