Contact the school office at 314-429-7070 to become a regular donor

Please support the Safety and Security Campaign. As we have heard and seen in the news lately, the reality these days is that schools must give greater attention on school safety and security. God has entrusted many children to our care, and it is our responsibility to keep them as safe and secure as possible.

One of the objectives of the Board of Directors of the Christian Academy is the funding, sustainability and advancement of the institution. In order to achieve this purpose, the Board of Directors reaches out to the Christian Academy family, its alumni, friends of CA, and the St. Louis community, and shares its mission of Christian education through various means including fund-raisers, family fun-events, print publications and, perhaps most importantly, personal interaction.

Our objective is to “raise friends” while we are raising money! Christian education depends on the involvement and support of “friends.” Whether you are new to the Christian Academy, or have been a supporter for years, we solicit your prayers for the success of the school.

There are many ways people give to the school. Those ways include single contributions of money, monthly donations, $1 a day program "Showers of Blessings", estate gifts, real estate donations, and gifts “in kind.” Interested persons should contact the school at 314-429-7070.

Honorariums and Memorials

Many people donate to CA in memory or in honor

of someone special.

If you would like to make a donation to CA in honor of or in

memory of someone please contact the CA office at

314-429-7070 and someone will assist you with that donation.

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