For the safety and security of the children attending Christian Academy, parents will be required to use FetchKids, a drop-off and pickup mobile app, which will facilitate the process of dropping off and picking up their child.

FetchKids automatically informs school staff when parents have arrived to drop-off, as well as, when they are on their way for pick up and sends their estimated arrival time. Rest assured the school will not know your original location, as the app sends arrival time information only.

FetchKids also allows parents and guardians to designate authorized adults to pick up their child without numerous phone calls and verification steps, as well as, enter third party ride share information for Uber, Lyft, etc. services.

FetchKids Invitation

One primary parent will receive a FetchKids invitation from the school via Email with instructions for downloading the mobile app and registering using the email or cell number you provided the school. A personal PIN will be provided to you by FetchKids to use during registration.

Account Set-Up

After you successfully complete registration perform the following steps:

  • Sign-in to FetchKids

  • Add your photo to My Profile

  • Add your children's photos to Child Profile

  • Add your vehicle info to Vehicle Profiles

  • Invite other Authorized Adults to join your pickup team in Adult Profiles

Start Using FetchKids!

  • QuickSteps How To Tutorial

  • In the morning when you arrive at school, confirm drop-off for one or more children

  • Start a pickup from Pickups by selecting one or children and tapping Start Pickup

  • If you are using a third party service, enter the information for the service in Pickups

  • Need to message the school? Start a chat!

For additional questions or support please contact our FetchKids representative Skye Van Raalte-Herzog: support@fetchkids.com or contact the school office at 314-429-7070.