Teachers Contact Information

Elementary Teachers

Kindergarten - Miss Kincade
1st  and 2nd Grade - Mrs. Burns

3rd Grade - Mrs. Caldwell

4th & 5th Grades - Mrs. Harris
Mr. Estes
P.E., Extended Care
Mrs. Young
Art, Music, Extended Care



Secondary Teachers
Mr. Derek Estes
Bible, JH Math

Mr. Eric Estes - Athletic Director
 P.E., Personal Finance, BeforeCare
Mrs. Holloway
History, Language Arts
Mrs. Isenberg - Academic Dean
Science, Keyboarding

Mr. Maestri
History, Foreign Language

Mr. Meyer

Mrs. Meyer
World and People and Spanish

Miss Payne
Cheerleading Coach, Math, Science
Mrs. Payne - Administrator
Chorus, Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Young
Fine Arts, After-Care
Class Sponsors

6th & 7th grades
Beverly Isenberg & Sandee Holloway

8th & 9th grades
Cheryl Young & Kayla Payne

Sophomores - Anderson Maestri

Juniors - Derek Estes

Seniors - Eric Estes