Crusaders Sports Calendar

Spring Sports 2015

Baseball - Coach Estes

Anderson, Josh
Burbridge, Josh
Chittenden, Will
Green, Ellis
Gross, Jesse
Hamilton, Josh
Hartman, John
Hartman, Josh
Langston, Nick
Samuel, John
Thomas, Nico
Tucker, Nathan
Williams, Jamie
Youngblood, Daniel
Jackson, Clarke - Manager

Soccer - Coach Lyons

Buschmann, JoJo
Chaney, Rachel
Collins, Kalah
Jackson, Kayla
McLane, Adria
McLarren, Nylah
Moruzzi, Jackie
Parker, Akai'
Porter, Alex
Rankin, Keelyn
Reed, Kaylyn
Reeves, Chloe
Sevier, Aaliyah
Stephens, Bella
Williamson, Jordan
Wood, Brianna
Manahan, Kourtne - Manager

Track and Field
Coach Holloway

Buschmann, JoJo
Finn, Nick
Green, Ernest
Hamilton, Josh
Holloway, Tanner
Holloway, Timothy
Judd, Riley
Morris, Kyle
Porter, Alex
Pride, Lyndsey
Stephens, Winnie
Weiss, Elijah
Wimbley, Latrell
Goolsby, Tyree - Manager

Christian Academy Booster Club Trivia Night
March 14, 2015 - 6:00pm
(Deadline to sign up is March 12)
Gymnasium at Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis
$10 per Person

Athletic Needs this will help with:
Gym floor refinishing, Equipment, Uniforms

Spring Sports Athletic Fees
Due 3/19/15  
Baseball $85, Soccer $65, Track $35.

Each spring athlete has an opportunity to reduce their athletic fee by recruiting a team for the Trivia Night on 3/14/15. 

An athlete that recruits a team of 6 will receive a$7 discount

An athlete that recruits a team of 8 will receive a $10 discount 

An athlete that works set-up through clean-up for the Trivia Night will receive a $5 discount.
(Workers need to be here by 3:30pm to help set up the tables and chairs.)

The fee discounts do accumulate so the more teams the higher the discount per athlete!

Spring Sports Schedules

Girls Soccer - click here

Boys Baseball - click here