Honorariums and Memorials

Many people donate to CA in memory or in honor of someone special.  

We honor and acknowledge those donations on this page. 

If you would like to make a donation to CA in honor or or memory of someone please contact the 
CA office at 314-429-7070 and someone will assist you with that donation.


In honor of their outstanding service to CA
Beverly Isenberg, Kevin Isenberg, Linda Meyer and Shannon Davidson
Willard & Sylvia Cooper

Valdedictorian Scholarship
Sue Lauderdale

Jerry & Wanda Judd's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Beauchamp, Lowell & Lois
Breland, Glenda & Douglas
Cunnius, Thelma
Ebker, Wanetha
Haywood, Lee & Lillian
Humphries, Linda
Humphries, Linda
Jantz, Steven & Nancy
Judd, David & Vicki
Lanterman, Bonnie
Lee, Doretha
Lloyd, William & Dorothy
Maples, Bill & Lynne
Mathews, Art & Mildred
Parrett, Paul & Freda
Paul, Wanda 
Payne, Carla and Leonard
Rossio, Willa
Saracino, Ann & Paul
Smith, Jeannene
Stewart, Larry
Teson, Ken & Collette
Turner, Gary
Washburn, Earlene
Whalen, Annie
Younger, Danny & Lucille

Adria McLane - Graduation
Larry Stewart

Timothy Holloway - Graduation
Larry Stewart


Troy & Peggy Walls Scholarship Fund
Nick & Diane Walls
Nicky Walls

Dave Cossey
Sue Lauderdale

Carol Hilton
Sue Lauderdale

Mary Goforth
Jackie McEntire
Charlene Byrd
Dan & Geri Turner
Kenneth Vannoy

M.L. Johns
Mabery, Terry & Mary

JT Ashby
    Wisor, Darren & Kathy

Amelia Gross
    Haynes, Carolyn